A Leading Regulator
In Ghana



The establishment warrant of the Commission, the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission Act 2003 (Act 649) established the principle that the offering of either basic or courier products required a licence and established the PCSRC as the entity charged with overseeing the licensing process. Act 649 also established the important principle that regulation of the market would be accomplished through the licensing process.

In order to complete the regulatory reform of the postal market, PCSRC has developed a supplementary postal regulation, the Postal and Courier Services Regulations, L.I 2205.

The Postal and Courier Services Regulations, L.I 2205, provides vital information in the following areas relating to the postal market; universal service standards (access, speed, tariffs); quality of service monitoring; licensing procedures; tariff-setting processes; consumer representation; interconnection amongst operators (public and private) based on actual costs; infractions of postal regulations and application of sanctions; and overall monitoring of postal market development.

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