Acquisition Of Courier Services Operational License

The Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission Act, 2003 (Act 649) established the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) as a regulatory body to license and regulate the operation of postal and courier services in Ghana. In exercise of the power conferred on the Minister for Communications by section 55 of Act 649, the Postal and Courier Services Regulations, 2013 (L.I. 2205) have also been enacted.

Pursuant to Act 649 and L.I. 2205, the PCSRC invites courier and air express operators, who have still not obtained a license, to regularize their operations by applying for license to operate as courier service providers. For the avoidance of doubt, “Courier Service” means a service for the receipt and delivery of correspondence, items of value or both, such as parcels and packets, for which no postage stamp is required. All courier service providers (NOT necessarily registered as courier companies), such as online shops, delivery companies, transporters, freighters, forwarders and corporate institutions who have acquired motorbikes and other vehicles to provide delivery services are hereby advised to contact the Commission to regularize their operations.

Take notice that it is an offense punishable under the Act to operate a courier service without a license by the Commission. Application Forms are available for purchase from the office of PCSRC. For further inquiries please contact:

The Executive Secretary

Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission
P.O.Box GP 245
Accra, Ghana

No. 32, 1st Circular Road, Cantonments, Near Du Bois Memorial Centre and Behind the ELWAK Sports Stadium
Telephone Nos: +233-302-770468; +233-249-426-114; +233-277-435798
Fax: +233-302-770832


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