Where we are going

A vibrant postal and courier sector where value for money and expanded customer choice is driven by innovative and customer focused providers.


To ensure adequate universal and competitive postal and courier services through the setting and enforcement of service standards and promotion of policies that will enhance innovation, efficiency and accountability in service delivery.


    • Promote and encourage the expansion of postal services for the social and economic development of the country.
    • Promote an efficient system for the delivery of mails nationwide in a manner responsive to the needs of mail users
    • Promote fair competition among persons engaged in the provision of postal services.
    • Protect licensees and consumers from unfair conduct of other licensees with regard to quality of postal services.
    • Protect generally the interest of consumers.
    • Promote the use of technology in the provision of postal services


    • Ensuring that there are provided throughout the country as far as practicable, postal services reasonably necessary to satisfy demand for the services.
    • Granting licenses for the operation of postal and courier services and ensuring compliance with license conditions.
    • Ensuring fair pricing of basic postal services including letter boxes.
    • Resolving complaints and disputes between consumers and operators.
    • Offering advice, information and help on postal services in general to consumers.
    • Protecting the universal (basic) postal services by ensuring its provision throughout Ghana as far as practicable.
    • Setting and monitoring the quality of standards of postal and courier services

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