Licensed Postal / Courier Service Providers In Good Standing For The Year 2015

Pursuant to the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission Act 2003 (Act 649), the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) hereby publishes the names of Companies licensed to operate postal/courier services in Ghana for the year 2015.


A person who operates a postal/courier service without license issued by PCSRC commits an offence and shall upon conviction be liable to a fine or to a term of imprisonment or both.

The general public is therefore advised not to transact business with any unlicensed Postal/Courier or delivery service provider.


Ghana Post Company Limited



1)            Stellar Express TNT Limited                                          –                    International

2)            DHL (Ghana ) Limited                                                  –                     International

3)            IAS Federal Express Ghana Limited                            –                      International

4)            Graphic Communications Group Limited                   –                      Domestic

5)            National Express Ghana Limited                                –                      Domestic

6)            Vipex Company Limited                                            –                     Domestic



1)            Aramex Express Limited                 –                             International

2)            Inter – City STC Coaches Limited                –                            International

3)            SkyNet Express Limited                                                –                            Domestic

4)            O. A. Travel and Tour Limited                                     –    Domestic



1)            Chisco Investment West Africa Limited                    –                             International

2)            Racing Link Express                                                       –                             International

3)            Union Air Cargo Limited                                               –                             International

4)            PSG Courier Services Limited                                      –                             International

5)            Antrak Express Limited                                                 –                             International

6)            Carter Global Limited                                                                  –                             International

7)            Bollore Africa Logistics Ghana Limited                     –                            International

8)            Bethel Logistics Company Limited                                          –                               International

9)            Carlo-King Enterprises Limited                                   –                             International

10)         New Africa Software Solutions Limited                   –                              International

11)         Great Imperial Transport Services Limited                  –                    International

12)         APK Couriers Ghana Limited                                      –                    International

13)         Zodiac Marine Services Limited                                  –                     International

14)         Unica Courier Line                                                      –                     International

15)         Expert Couriers Limited                                              –                              International

16)         Cross Country International Limited                                                 International

17)         Maranatha Air Lines (Gh) Limited                               –                     International

18)         Spring Couriers                                                                                 International

19)         AprilJune Limited                                                                          –                             International

20)         Noswall Management Services Limited                      –                           Domestic

21)         Stanbay Logistics Limited                                                             –                           Domestic

22)         Unique Express Courier Services                               –                              Domestic

23)         Relay Express Limited                                                     –                           Domestic

24) Topp Core Logistics (Ghana) Limited                          –                    Domestic

25) Eagle Express Limited                                                             –                           Domestic

26) Bringamcome Limited                                                  –                    Domestic


  • Companies licensed as International Operators are authorized to handle international and domestic items.
  • Companies licensed as Domestic Operators can only do business within the borders of Ghana.
  • Any member of the Public with information on the operation of any unlicensed operator should contact the Executive Secretary of the Commission.

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